Krásy čínského kung-fu /

KUNG-FU, WUSHU a další čínská bojová umění jsou založena na tradiční čínské kultuře. V současné společnosti narůstajících kulturních změn vzrůstá zájem o tyto aktivity u nás.



Troupe of Capital University of Physical Education and SportsBeijing 

Program of 2017 Confucius Institute Wushu Tour


    I . Origin of Wushu (5 minutes)

Wushu originated in ancient times, human beings in order to survive, and constantly fight with the beast. This program shows the human beings and the nature of tigers, eagles, monkey, mantis, snakes, and frogs in order to survive the fierce struggle, the man eventually by the wisdom of the wise and superb Wushu skills over the animals and the most primitive defensive and offensive is the origin of the Wushu.   

    II. Charm of Wushu (5 minutes)

Charm of Wushu that Tai Chi astrotech astrotech students, four images, four images and gossip. Tai Chi is the motive power of all things change, the universe from Wuji and Taiji, and process all metaplasia. This program to stage shows Taijiquan, Taiji ball, Tai Chi sword, brush and Tai Chi dust, show the Tai Chi of the diversification and the combination of static and dynamic, the interpretation of the Wushu of bold and beautiful to convey the Chinese traditional sports, Wushu and cultural connotation, and dripping as the interpretation of the essence of Taiji.   

III.  Wushu in War (5 minutes)

This part is shown in China during the Warring States period, the drill, soldier, going into battle, the war a series of challenge, and ultimately achieve the reunification of the picture. It shows the courage of the heroic warrior dash about in a battlefield.   

    IV.  Wushu with Music (5 minutes)

Tang dynasty Kaiyuan Tianbao years, Emperor Xuanzong and Yang Guifei will exalt the mighty, magnificent „the king of Qin destroys the music“ adapted into small dance, and by Royal senior dance performers – my wife in court show, called small destroys music. The today show small destroys music is according to those historical records compiled a, not only to retain the spirit of Qin destroys the music, the valiant and heroic performance martialing attire, and took the Tang Emperor Xuanzong adapted the dance of charm, show the woman’s charming and beautiful.  

V. Wushu Study 

    VI. Wushu master (5 minutes)

Chivalrous demeanor, was undoubtedly the Wushu, free flowing, high spirited, Wulin man to our show Wushu unique skills, and let us understand the chivalrous demeanor. Let’s welcome.

VII.  Wushu with Dance (5 minutes)

Long spike sword is a kind of special Wushu sword, this program with the stage performance of the combination of Wushu and dance. When practicing dance with step, sword carry on line, ear with the sword dance, swordsmanship to wear sword hand grip spike throw spike method and action brisk agile, elegant chic, pleasing to the eye.   

 VIII.  Spirit of Wushu (5 minutes)

The clang of stick a broad sword, sword and spear, tender, Changquan stretch, because soft in the band just, Wushu to humanistic spirit and defense meaning interpretation most vividly, let us experience Wuhun charm.



délka: 90 min.

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